Noah Solomon

Founder & Owner

Noah has been designing websites since 2015 and he is a current student at Cornell University, where he is studying Computer Science. Way back in 2015, Noah’s father Jay needed a website. Jay was scaling the family restaurant business to sell gourmet dinners online, and deliver them to customers’ doorsteps.

So, Noah taught himself how to build a website in order to fulfill the needs of the business. From there, other businesses in the restaurant industry reached out to Noah for website design. Noah realized that there was a need for affordable design services, and not just in the restaurant industry. So, Noah launched his own company, specializing in website design, video production, and branding.

Ever since Noah’s first website, he has completed dozens of projects, whether that be websites, videos, graphics, or other custom solutions. To see his portfolio, check out the Projects page. And to learn more about our services, Contact Us.